Michèle Boisvert

A Pioneer in the Homeopathy Sector: Michèle Boisvert
Founder and President of Homeocan Inc., Homeolab USA Inc., Nature Beauté Santé Inc. and Wide World of Oils.

A native of Montreal, Québec, Michèle Boisvert was one of the first women pharmacy owners in the province of Quebec. She later opened a pharmacy on Sainte-Catherine Street which housed a medical clinic with doctor’s offices and an alternative clinic on the second and third floors.

In 1985, Michèle encountered problems finding adequate homeopathic supplies for her pharmacy. So, in addition to selling homeopathic products, she decided to manufacture her own products. Given the difficulty in finding a supplier, she formed an association with a European laboratory and began importing homeopathic substances. In 1987, she became the founder and president of Homeocan Inc. In 1988, she set up a dilution centre and began manufacturing products in her Montreal laboratory.

Homeocan manufactures and distributes a complete range of prime-quality homeopathic products throughout North America and around the world.

Marketed in the form of drops, globules, pellets, creams, most homeopathic products are made from fresh and organic herbals. Our state-of-the-art laboratory controls meet the strictest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices!

In Canada, Homeocan has almost 200 OTC products.

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